Pallet size: 800mm x 1200mm x 144mm


22mm 145mm 1200mm 3psc
22mm 100mm 1200mm 2psc
78mm 145mm 145mm 3psc
78mm 100mm 145mm 6psc
22mm 145mm 800mm 3psc
22mm 100mm 1200mm 2psc
22mm 145mm 1200mm 1psc
Nail: 24psc    
Screw nail: 54psc    

Load-bearing capacity
When stacked, the lower pallet must withstand a maximum additional load of 4000 kg, if it is resting on a flat,
horizontal and rigid surface and if the load is exerted horizontally and across the whole surface of the pallet.

Wood moisture content
AD - 40%
KD - up to 22%

ISPM 15 treatment
On customer request pallets can be treated according ISPM15.

Technical standart: UIC 435-2

euro 800x1200

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