Glued laminated timber

Engineered wood - Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber load-bearing straight or curved beams, single or double pitched beams, arches, trusses, frames. Timber structures are made from Lithuanian and Siberian timber species spruce, pine and larch. The lamellas are bonded with phenol-resorcinol and melamine adhesives.

Glulam marginal dimensions:

Width 60-240 mm.
Height 80-2.240 mm, thickness of lamellas 16 - 45 mm.
Maximum length of uncut beam – 40 m, the length of the whole structure can reach 100 m.
Minimum radius of flexion - 2.500 mm.

Application areas include:

Construction of water parks, swimming pools, sports halls, stadiums, riding halls, airports and facilities for public use.
Construction of buildings for air-sheds, warehouses (particularly for storing aggressive chemicals) and structures of agricultural destination.
Construction of bridges and over-bridges for pedestrians.
Construction of private houses.

Glulam advantages:

  • Possibility to span openings up to 100m.
  • Resistance to moisture. Makes it possible to employ the structures in construction of water parks and swimming pools.
  • Resistance to a chemically unfriendly environment. The structures are suitable for construction of buildings for storage of chemically aggressive materials and fertilizers, for air-sheds and structures of agricultural destination.
  • Resistance to fire. Bigger cross-sections of glued-laminated elements guarantee proper resistance to fire that meets fire-prevention requirements for buildings even without extra impregnation with fire retarders.
  • Strength and lightness. The load-bearing strength which corresponds to one unit of structure mass is greater than that of reinforced concrete or metal structures.
  • Economy. Employment of glued-laminated timber structures allows to save building materials when preparing the basement of a building, to shorten the construction period and reduce costs.
  • Different shapes of structures are available which meet architectural and static requirements.
  • Glued-laminated timber structures of various shapes enliven facades and interiors of buildings. Color and physical properties of timber provide a building light and cosiness.
  • Timber structures are ecological and hygienic they do not emit harmful substances and are manufactured from renewing nature resources.

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